Thursday, March 23, 2006

The One With Addiction

I wanna be PINK for a day or two. See how it's like - whether it suits me, or if it just look nice on the screen. It's 3.37am, and I was toggling with this blog and multiply sites since about an hour ago. Blame it on Dear. He came home from his usual hangout at Tampines St 43 at around 1am, and then disturb our sleep with his kissies. Rushda grumbled amidst sleep, and I have to quickly hush her up with breasts (-feeding). That's fine. But he came home without my Milo Dinosaur. MANA BOLEH?!?!?! Feeling GUILTY, Dear made me a mug of Ice Milo (not Dino version, this one 'Tikus' version). Its a good thing he made that, I got up, took wudhuk and did f0000;">T.Y. is currently busy joining all the cip activities. haha. we are all crazy. but i cant speak dialects lah. how to go for that elderly thingy. later they speak some kinda alien language den i freak out. worst rite. haha. anyway... iv made lots of frenz in mj oredi. when i say lots i mean LOTS

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