Tuesday, March 14, 2006

The One with Digicam

All Canon stuffs of mine are working... not the way they should be, though. First, it was the printer. the only suspect I have in mind is little Rushda. She is amused by the green/orange light whenever the power button is pressed. So, she will press as many times she wishes. Until one day I realised that when I print my documents, alignments need adjustment. Pictures quality totally teruk. Alamak... It got worst. When printing is in progress, you can hear 'jeg...jeg' jerking sound. Apa tu? I hope its not cicak flatten by the cartridge. Today, my worst fear came true - our Canon Ixus V3 is diagnosed with serious, critical lens cancer. There's nothing you can view from there. Shucks. How coincidental can that be? You tell me. First, I just sign up as a Multiply user at http://dadhapics.multiply.com. There, I was singing praises about my Canon digicam. I have taken over 5000 pics with it. Then today - rosak. Second, the IT show was last weekend. Saw the promo on Saturday's papers. You can trade-in and get the latest Ixus. Eeeeee.... how ironic can it be. *censored* *censored* *censored*
"So, what's our plan Dear?" I asked the husband.
He talked about some DVDcam.
"Dear, can you give me a more realistic answer?" ...silence.
Now, all I do is fantasize my next digital camera. Come back to see what I fantasize for.


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