Thursday, December 08, 2005

The One With Gotong-Royong and SURPRISE!!!!!

Listless, weary, exhausted, worn-out. Just had my shower; tired yet pretty much awake, thus this entree before I retire tonight. We left my workplace at around 10.30pm. Abang Rizal, Anna, Memel and the boys came to keep me company as well as help me out with the class decor. I couldn't have done it with their help. Really. My DEADline is tomorrow. Dear came to help too. He helped me suspend the mobile strings on the ceiling, easiest job for him. Im lucky that he's tall. But he was irky too, especially when he hurried me to complete my work, and tonight was not the first time. I know that he is supportive of my career and job nature, but that patience has weaned off way bit after living together for 2 years now. Nevertheless, Im greatful for everyone's help and support, including mummy who packed us food in tumblers, for like, 20 peeps. Firdaus and Faustine helped with the handprinting and packing up. Anna and Memel helped with the main board, and Rizal bordered the bulletin board for me. Its much nicer now.

Bravo Then Dear started to show sign of restlessness. That kept me on my toes and I was going back and forth, I kept doing that until I thought his attitude sucks. I nagged. After making sure everything was off and locked, I went down to meet him at the car, and...............SURPRISEEE!!!!!!!! His brand new Suzuki Hayabusa is here!!!!!!! There it stood, shiny glossy black. What a virgin. Dear smiled the broadest smile. He was carrying two helmets. So we were going to ride. I was going "wow wow wow! UwwwOWWWWWW".... It was meant to be a surprise for me. I was wrong (sorry Dear). As I am sitting here with Inspiron, Dear is out on his way to JB to fill the virgin up. Already, I am missing FJR. That bike was meant for riding couple like us. FJR came about the time I got pregnant. So, its sentimental to me. Didnt get a chance to tour to Thailand with it. I am learning to understand his desire on motor bikes. And with that, he is commited to a bike, a car, a kid and a wife.

Hayabusa - The fastest motorbike in the world. (


LadyLee said...

ur deadline is today? good of you to have yr kakis to help. my colleagues and me are doing ok but still a bit bare cos the children's work are not up yet. our om make noise say no chn's work. how to have chn's work when we have to return everything? giler kan? anyway, nice bike. im sure my husband miss riding too. i will only allow if he naik the $1 bike ride at the gaming area!hahaha

Lady_A said...

thank you...thank you..hehehe

oh, dia gi JB mlm tu eh? nice bike. even our alfa cannot beat urs lah. hehehee.

DadhaSpoke said...

Wah ada banyak lady tu lady ni dtg menjenguk.

Lady_Lee, yes, my DEADline is earlier than the rest as I held my orientation exclusive for MY K2 parents, which is a week earlier than the rest. Sebab kita nak gi holiday during the closure. Punya lah tak happy si Janice tu, tapi nak taknak, dia lepaskan I jugaak, coz I applied early Nov, and no one has any clue that 16th was a closure. Salah I ke??????? Oh tidak. Oh my, I cant imagine ur husband naik motor doposen tu. So hunky.

Lady_a, thanks alot. Ada error sikit in the post. "I couldn't have done it without their help" - that's what I meant! Rushda bersday next week tau. :)