Friday, January 09, 2009

A Reason to BLOG again

Hehe hehe hehe he he sigh.......

Ah, shall not say it. Year after year, same excuses, Raudha.

December has been a very busy month for me at work. We've moved on, to a bigger, better place at The Eightrium, Changi.

Breaking-news became a daily affair in that month. There were the sad, the shocking, and happy ones nontheless. But to journal about them, would take a helluva post.

I'll save them in my 1GB brain (limited. Very limited. Especially after having kids). Perhaps, I'll just share bits as and when. Yeah, that would be good.


Marriage will be our 5th year this Feb.

Rushda is now 4!

Durrah is attending Infant Care starting 15 Jan!!

Tamhid will be 36. And me, 31.

Work has been good so far. albeit the killing demands. My mother role, the usual lah. So it has been working and parenting. Socialising?!! Huh. A think of the past.

2009, looking forward to you, baybeh. Hey!! Its Daryl Hall & John Oates' Private Eyes on Class 95 now.

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Edleen said...


bila nak datang collect kasut Rushda??? maybe won't fit her anymore by the time you come!!! hehe...

Happy Anniversary!!!