Thursday, December 03, 2009

Gap Gals.

Were in town to get some BluRay discs at Orchard Central last Saturday. As we walked our way back to Wheelock, we saw Gap. Couldn't resist.

Sunday, the gals wore them to JB.

Rushda : 4 years 10 months. Durrah: 2 years 1 month.
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Edleen said...

Gap you must scrap these photos! Fave Food album done yet? ;)

i did a layout of you, will post @ my blog soon. hope you'll like it :)

Happy December!

chocoholic said...

Love the toilet pic! haha! totally captured the moment! hahahahaha!!

Miss Raudha said...

I cant wait. Fave Food almost readyyyyy! I'll show u.

Her Daddy questioned me when he saw the pic. :/ Tak fun ah dia tu.
Hehehe, no lah, just protecting his daughter.