Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Abah in NUH

We kept vigil and awaits for Abah's return to his bed, Bed 23 Ward 41, NUH. He just had a surgery-a minor one (I suppose) to remove a prostate growth.

Ok, he had just been wheeled in. I just performed Maghrib. Quite a sight to see. In this ward alone, I saw three men with half of their skulls gone. I wanna try and snap a pic of this man near to me. Oh gosh, I just glanced. Yearp. His skull has sunken on the right side!

I just wanna recall what Mak said when we had food at the cafeteria around 6pm today. She brought up the subject of how Abah was never accepted, or shall I rephrase it, never popular among the family due to his boldness. His stubborness.

"Abah kata ada kantung kencing, tak boleh solat. Bolehkan?!...Sebab kencing dia terkawal dalam beg".

"Lagipun darurat", I added. "Abah lagi mahir dlm ilmu fiqh. Solat dgn pergerakkan mata pun boleh". Mak then added, that people said if Orang Alim nak mati, "takes time". That the main caregiver i.e Wife, Children will be tested.

"Mak, Uncle Mansor sakit 7 hari, kemudian dia meninggal. Pada Dadha, Allahyarham pun Alim juga."

To each is his own.

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