Wednesday, October 26, 2005

The One with the dizzy head and sways

I feel DITZY today. What is causing this? Lack of sleep, maybe. Or stress? or the pressure of meeting 'dead'lines?? As I was talking and joking with Juli(et) today, she seems to be swaying alot, and so did the goldfish and the kids in my class. I didn't pay much attention to it at first, bcoz they ARE "movables" after all. It went on until I got up and freshen up. Low blood? Please lah. This body size? Wah, today's puasa is a tough one for me. It doesn't help when Lady Marmalade (aka Janice, principal) says: "Raudha, I need to talk to you about what's coming up next week. Are you on leave this Wed? Oh yah ah you are! Then she continued, " Then okay, before you go today, I need you to prepare this letter for parents... and put up the decor... and please collect lesson plans from all..... MCYS is coming anytime. Cialak big-time", Will that be all, Janice? *'when marimba rhythm starts to sway, dance with me, make me 'sueh'* I have been granted my much-needed annual leaves on the eve and the second day of Raya. Thanks to Lynette. That's good news for Dear, Im pretty sure. BUT... yes, the bad news is, all hell WILL break loose the week after. Ahhhh... I dont want to think about it. What's at the end of the rainbow Raudha? there is a....(?????).... waiting for you. I need understanding, patience, and encouragement. Nothing else.


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