Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Goodbye Ramadhan

"A Ramadan came and a Ramadan went, But no time had I to repent..." It has been a blessed Ramadan. It has been so long since I felt the peace and marvel of fasting. This year is different, perhaps with the presence of Rushda and my beloved husband. Last year was an eventful Ramadan for me too. I was fasting for the full month of Ramadan, and I was in my third trimester. I tawakkal with the fasting, and alhamdulillah, baby was well. Pondering this line from a poem about death and regrets. I wonder if I have done enough to earn the opportunities offered in this chosen month. Don't you? Workloads, caring for my child - are these reasons good enough? Or are they just excuses. And as I wonder, Ramadhan has left. Goodbye Ramadhan.

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