Monday, November 28, 2005

The One with the Broadband

I've been working my ass all week. Finally, the fever and the flu invaded and crushed my immunity. So here I am recovering at home. My first fever since the birth of baby Rushda. That's like, 11 months ago. Not bad ey~ Super Mom. Alhamdulillah. I got 2 days MC. Trick: Cradle baby Rushda in my arms. Dear carries bags of groceries, look disorganized, mention 'working with children in kindergarten', 'don't wish to spread virus'..... it works. *evil grin* It has been busy week at work. Things are not that good out there. The datelines, the people - I'm seeing tribes on strike against the authority, out to make things difficult for me. I can't believe it - my very own loving and caring colleagues, gang-ing up to sabo me. Bloody hypocrites. Well honey, there ain't enough room for that. Someone need to tell them, they can do whatever they like, I'll just be sure that I am the one to Outwit, Outplay and Outcast them. Damn those Ah Lians. Dear brought me to SITEX last weekend, to sign up for the starhub MaxOnline. We got our laptop hooked up, and we've been surfing eversince. The deal includes a Compaq PC. Yayness!! I cant wait. Dear gets his own PC, which means more time for me with my Dell Inspiron of 3 years. Im feeling HAPPY, yes I am. Why?? HAPPY that: 1. Baby Rushda can stand on her own now. Whoohooo. 2. Dear signed up for maxonline. 3. Its PAYDAY!!!! 4. Paid important outstanding bills (ada lagi, sheeessshh). 5. Swept away those habuk collected since January 2005. Alhamdulillah. Allah has given me the strength and opportunity. Updates on my blog knowledge- I've just downloaded Picasa and Hello. Anna showed me Waiting for the right inspiration to change my blogskin. Nak botox kan sikit.


toeyritz said...

Sista..I feel you! The ONLY way to Outwit, Outplay & Outcast 'em all... is to say it LIKE IT IS!! You need the Hokkien-Peng(Hokkien Soldier) Handbook on StreetTalks & Vulgarities (Minus the Hand-Signals)???...hahaha, let me know!!!

ariessen said...

ello raudha... we feel u too...same la down here.. politics..fed up... hang in there gal..=)

LadyLee said...

hello! ya, sometimes these politics can really make you mad but hang on. I am very very sure you can outwit them. Hang on hor! Take care! Eh, give me your email ler then i can mail you the pics of the exhibition and ours too.

DadhaSpoke said...

What a lovely surplise!!! ladylee and ariessen dropped by.
ello ello ~~ I'll be visiting your blogs right after this.

Thx bro.. i just want them to go-jump-and-die, can onnot? I no scared one ah.

Lady_A said...

Eh, ni dah jadi teachers' corner ke?? hehehhehehe.

be strong......drink redbull!!

tinibear said...

Ladylee's strong!