Sunday, January 01, 2006

The One With Rushda's 1st Birthday

Subhanallah... it feels like it was just yesterday that I had gone through the cesarian surgery to "retrieve" Rushda and a souvenir growth commonly known as fibroid. The fact is, it was a year ago. Amazingly, I can recall minute details on that emotional Friday, Dec 31st. Julie did say, it's usual for gynae to 'tahan' you on your last visit. True enough, it happened to me. The scan and the cervix examination revealed that baby is big, and at the right size to come out. I was only about 38wks gestation. Dr Chandra warned that baby might grow bigger, and if I do get into labour, we may have faced 'retrieving' problem and so, solution is to cut me open that same evening. Whowww.... hold it right there. I asked to be induced. Dr Chandra smiled and shook his head. Calmly, he explained that due to no signs of cervix opening up, baby's head circumference is big and that my 'pain tolerance is low', it is highly recommended that we do it now (back then), or face a traumatizing labour. I clearly remembered that it was not an easy decision for Dear and me. This is something totally unexpected. Without delaying any further, Dr Chandra took out a form to book the surgery theatre tomorrow morning at 7am. No food and drink for me that New Year's eve. I remembered the terrible migraine and flu I had. Even so, I was craving for Nasi Briyani. Andak brought what I wanted. I was touched. Mummy cried over the phone when she was told about the surgery. I cried too.

So anyway....

Here is Rushda, one year old. She is a gorgeous babe, loved by everyone in the family. She got many toks and neneks ; uncles and aunts to dote on her. Dear loves her lots. And so do I. We decided to have a birthday picnic at Changi Beach, together with Eema's 6th birthday. Kak Erni and myself are the official organizing committee. We faired pretty okay for this first collaboration. We invaded a vacant hut, and realized later on that a family might just come over and we have to scram off. Remember- huts at the beach require booking.

Hi- Five to Kak Erni. The rain didnt deter us from shifting to Plan B. 90% of guests came, including Cousin Edleen and her 4 kids; and Intan and little Eman. Cooling day to have the kids playing at the beach, the uncles and aunts catching up times and joking around.

We got this 10-men tent at an outdoor-sports shop the night before. Good deal. Discounted price. It took a while for me and Dear to assemble it. While figuring it out, I imagined we are in The Amazing Race. First time pitching a huge tent like that. Pretty daunting.

Rushda decided to try out the whip-top of the cake. Ummi wasn't spared. Kena sabo. Hmmm, looking at this pic, Ummi still looks good.

The gifts from the guests. Look who's peeping?

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Ann said...

Hehehehe..cute nye dia peep!! pandai si bulat ni.