Tuesday, June 19, 2007

10 Reasons Why I Married This Man

I was TAGGED by Blossom. Actually, I read about it days before. Told myself to pen down 101 reasons, and later on choose the best 10. Told myself to grab a pen and scribble it somewhere in my notebook before sleeping. It never happened. Nevertheless, the thoughts were always there. So, here are the 10 Reasons WHY I Married This Man... UNPLUGGED.

#1 Destiny. Jodoh.

#2 Attraction to his following characters: shy, soft-spoken, down-to-earth, respectful towards others, honest, caring, easy-going, loving... :) NOT a show-off, loud, flirtatious, yaya-papaya nor empty barrel.

#3 Performs his religious obligations eg: If there is a need for us to meet, and it is time to pray, there's no issue of going to the mosque(s) and perform solat on time; bulan puasa tak jumpa pun tak apa, "terawih more important". I am very sure he was sincere about it, because, post-marriage, still consistent on religious obligations.

#4 His goals in life then, were the same as mine eg: strived for higher education; be married to someone who has the basic-intermediate knowledge about Islam and most importantly, practising it.

#5 We were put through the TEST. The endurance and patience test between 1998-2004. He endured and was patient throughout. He didn't give up. I did. Many times. (Im a woman, mah~~)

#6 Attracted to his physical traits: Tall, dark, sweet smile, medium-built, clean/neat look, to sum it up- Handsome. (Handsome konon).

#7 His cues and hints that he wants to spend the rest of his life with me eg: shared about his parents expectations; devastated at the thought of 'breaking-up'.

#8 The day he came to my place alone and talked to my parents, like a MAN. Very the GUTSY. My tears were flowing freely. Plus, my dad, he was like, the BEST DAD in the universe. Very UNDERSTANDING.

#9 Got the GREEN light from our parents.

#10 Allah is The Most Loving and Merciful. He created the LOVE. I felt it even before we met. I felt the LOVE impact/chemistry between us when we were corresponding on mIRC, ICQ and then later on, over the phone.

There you are, 10 reasons why I married my husband- UNPLUGGED. There's more to it lah.

Dear, I know you will be reading this post.... I want the world to know I love you. I LOVE YOU.

Eh? Are you blushing? Shy eh?

Thank you for the wonderful years together. More to come, baby!

To Blossom, thank you very much for this TAG opportunity. I'm lucky to get your husband's brother. And you are lucky too, to get my husband's brother. Hahahhaha...


madame blossom said...

hmm.. so the very touching.

and the last part tu.. hehe.. cute, funny. and i'm lucky to have u as my sis in law. love u lots, u know?

DadhaSpoke said...

I knowwww!!!! Okaylah,