Saturday, July 14, 2007

29 weeks pregnant!

29 weeks; thats equivalent to 7 months and 1 week pregnant. Alhamdulillah. This shot was taken a week ago in KLCC. Rushda is loving towards her unborn sibling. Hope she stays so AFTER the arrival.

Today, I went for my ante-natal check up. Everything is fine. The baby is around 1.5kg and growing. This is the time I have to watch my diet. I can be diabetic again like the previous pregnancy. Already as it is, they discovered a similar fibroid-like growth in me again this time. So does that mean cesar procedure again? Or could it be VBAC?

Hhmmm, both are still painful. I have been thinking about the whole birth thing. It is still a scary thought. Reading up related articles helps. I do flipped back past issues of parenting magz. Short effect. The fear is still there.

Tawakkal Alallah.

I'm not sure how many others experience this- but do husbands usually are less-sensitive towards subsequent pregnancy? Today, I reminded Dear that he hasnt been talking to No.2 nor stroke my bump as frequent as the first time. To me, touch and communication are essential. It is PROVEN. Okay, Im just encouraging. If Dear doesnt want to make the efforts... well, we'll just see if No.2 responds to his voice.


madame blossom said...

i think so.. in general, husbands are less-sensitive towards subsequent pregnancies. and so are some mothers..

towards subsequent pregnancies, subsequent children.. :p

but insyaAllah.. they'll be just fine :)

DadhaSpoke said...

If that is so, then its sad eh.
I want the same treatment, reactions, etc for subsequent pregnancies.

Insya Allah!

DadhaSpoke said...

Oh btw, today maghrib and isyak dapat berjemaah.
I told him, so that No.2 can recognize ur 'beautiful' voice. I will tell No.2 "that was ur dad". :p

Lady_A said...

count myself lucky. hehe..ur bro is very sensitive towards all 3 pregnancy.

note: only during pregnancy. after that, mak kena bilis, anak yg dia sibuk.


so, who after u siapa pulak preggie eh? jeng jeng jeng...

nurfiza a.k.a tedd said...

Kak Dadha!

Just dopped by to congrat you on the soon-to-be-born No. 2 child. Masya Allah! Mesti cute mcm Rushda eh.