Sunday, February 21, 2010

How to React When your Husband is Injured a road accident.

19 February 2010- Dear Tamhid called me to say : "Dont be shock. I just got into a road accident". I was at home completing The Essay. Then, my mind went whooosh. Next, I was in the car. After that, I was making my way to Tan Tock Seng Hos. Then, I saw him, and...... I shook and trembled silently. In the end, relieved and happy.

1. Stay calm.

2. Listen carefully to whatever information given, for example, if he will be conveyed in an ambulance, please check which hospital he is heading to I.e: TTSH, SGH or KK.

3. Don't ask silly questions like, "why are they taking you to the hospital?", "You got pulse? Heartbeat?"

4. Think carefully on who ought to be the next person you update i.e: brother, father, brother-in-law or Facebook?

5. Bring along your I.C and purse, other than your kewl phone i.e: iPhone, Omnia, Blackberry, etc.

6. Give him your love and express your care verbally and through your actions. Don't Facebook or Blog temporarily.

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Edleen said...

ouch! sorry about the accident :( but glad to know he's alright.

Take care *hugs*