Monday, February 22, 2010

"Meet me at Tan Tock Seng"

Friday, 19 Feb 2010, around 4.15pm: The actual account On the abovementioned date and time, I received a call from Tamhid. He said he had hit a bike. He was injured. First thought, to rush to his side. I was doing my essay at home, after sending Mum for admission at SGH. The girls were at Haig Road. Shock. Followed by mild daze and uncertainties. We agreed to meet at Newton Flyover. Since it was almost Asar, I decided to wait. Just before leaving, my MIL asked me where was I heading to. I calmly told her I was meeting her son. In town." On the next call to Hid, he said, "can you meet me at Tan Tock Seng? The ambulance will take me there". My heart doubled in beats. Nevertheless, I made my maiden solo drive to TTSH.

Strange, how my mind auto-cruise the car to it's destination. Another part of my mind was replaying what happened on April 21st 2009.

On Saturday, we went to Traffic Police to lodge the accident report. Glad we had Ayah around. He assisted us in many ways. On Sunday, we got a call from one Dr Ong from TTSH, who spoke to Hid about the x-ray. Immediately after the call, we got ready and headed to the hospital. We met Dr Ong who showed us the X-Ray.

He said..... (there were just too many technical terms and layman terms to recall) "It could be due to an old injury", "may consider not to ride forever", "refer you to orthopedic..", "how long have you been married? You looked like NEWLY-WEDS". :) awww thanks, Dr Ong. We blushed.

Tamhid is now on the road to recovery. He needs time. I can tell that he has loads of thoughts and he needs to sort things out. His bike, his SECRET and his future. Allah's Love and Guidance are the sources I prayed for my wonderful husband. I do hope his riding friends will be around for him in time like this. Im especially thankful that he has wonderful friends like Abang Ma'il, Safari, Shah and Mus.

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Edleen said...

glad we met up over the weekend :) your Little Girls are growing and they're just so adorable laa!!!

also glad that T is alright and even though walking with a limp, it's just great he's fine.

let's meet up again on Saturday March 20th. last day of Sale!!! set eh :D