Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Last 2 weeks of December

I am so looking forward to the last 2 weeks of December. Superb-ly shiokz from how I look at it.

First and foremost, Im looking forward to Mummy's discharge. It should be before Christmas. Her coughing is managable. She had two rounds of blood transfusion and had this large bruise on her right arm. Dr Jason Chua said she had lung infection. Her sugar level is unstable, so she probably would have to take insulin jabs daily, and longer dialysis cycles. I pray for her speedy recovery. Mum had been strong and a bit manja. Aside from that...

  • #1: Hari Raya Haji (Thurs, 20/12)
  • #2: Centre Closure (Fri, 21/12): Although we need to report to work, it is work minus the kids and toddies. Time for handover of duties and other stuffs. My agenda for that day is to check on the Math aids, update Inventory and pass to Tess. Then there is meeting, the brainstorming session and tinge of gossiping and kniving. In the itinerary would be, Lady Marmalade trying to boost the team's morale by making us complete one of those free take-one postcards with catchy positive time-to-reflect taglines (which reminds me of Zilah's wish she wrote in one of the cards. She was out of point, so she wrote: "To win the Subaru Challenge"... hilarious).
  • #3: No Work Day (Sat, 22/12): Persuading Dear to send me to Jusco Permas Jaya to get those retro wrappers for my class borders. Its neat and funky. The girls at work love it. Im running low with it. Lesson learnt- borders can be wrappers from SINGAPORE.
  • #4: Christmas Eve (Mon 24/12): Work half-day!!!!!!!!
  • #5: Christmas Holiday (Tue 25/12): No working. House working. Probably Mummy will be discharged.
  • #6: New Year's Eve (mon 31/12): Work half-day!!!!!!
  • #7: Rushda turns 3 (Tues 1/1): To party or not to party??? The next day is a school day! 2008 sees Firdaus and Sarah in P1! Safiyah in morning session, and Hadi in Sports Sc hool. I share their parents' excitement and anxiety. Ok, as for the party, need to think abt it.

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